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Last call for samples

April 25, 2017

The Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility that holds samples from the subsurface of the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic will be moving from Florida State University to Oregon State University. This move will take place in late 2017 or early 2018.

The main part of the collection is over 20,000 meters of core that needs to be readied for across continent shipping. Properly curating the cores and preparing them so they will not deteriorate during shipping is a time consuming task and requires sufficient space to handle the cores carefully. Therefore, it will be hard to fulfill any sample requests from now on. We have not had many requests in the last year, there is no new core coming in thus this seems an opportune time for the move. But we realize this might inconvenience some.

In special cases we are willing to fulfill sample requests but we ask these kept to a minimum and ask for justification beyond the normal justification. Furthermore, we like to hear of them as soon as possible, because the further we get into the move the harder it will be to fulfill them.

At present we have stopped processing cores for MSCL, X-rays etc. and we will not be adding to the data already available on the website. The cores are expected to be fully available in Oregon at the latest by the middle of 2018. Please direct all questions with respect to sample requests to Vincent Salters (