Ciros 2


The principle aim of the CIROS project(Cenozoic Investigations of the western Ross Sea) is to obtain an understanding of the Cenozoic(and possibly Cretaceous) geologic history of the South Victoria Land and the adjacent Ross Sea. The Cretaceous-Cenozoic period is of particular interest as it covers the growth of the antarctic ice sheet and the rise of the trans antarctic mountains. The CIROS project centers on the offshore sedimentary sequence in the Victorialand Basin because on-land rock outcrop is unknown between Jurassic age Ferrar Dolerite(180my) and Mcmurdo Volcanic Group(Erupted over last 15my)


Ciros 2 Cruise Report

Pyne A.R., Robinson P.H., Barret P.J., 1985 Ciros 2 Sediment Descriptions Research School of Earth Sciences, Antarctic Research Center, Victoria University of Wellington


The Antarctic Research Facility currently houses the archive half of the CIROS cores. For sampling of the CIROS cores please contact John Simes at GNS, New Zealand,